A tactop plate carrier (also known as a soft plate carrier or an extendable plate backpack armor system) is a very lightweight solution for modern, fully-sized backpacks. Designed to be worn above a vest, these carriers come in both hard armor and soft armor configuration. If you are a regular recreational user of the outdoors in any weather, then it would be prudent to have a hard-sided carrier for protection against injuries from falls, impact and/or weather exposure. On the other hand, if you are a serious tactical user, having a soft carrier would be best since you will be wearing your pack over your shoulder anyway, and soft armor provides better protection.

To understand why a hard armor vest is so important to outdoor users, consider this scenario…you’re hiking in the woods with a friend, they decide to take a rest and continue on their adventure. Suddenly, you both hear a loud thud, and the neighbor’s dog comes out of a nearby bush and begins to attack you. Would you be able to avoid the situation if you had only had a soft plate carrier on? Chances are, you couldn’t because the dog is a hard-bodied animal and was only able to bring you down by physically exerting himself. If you only had a hard armor vest on, it would have given you some room to get away, and also provided some protection from the dog’s mauling.

Tactical plate carriers come in different configurations, and depending on your needs and preferences, there is sure to be a carrier that works perfectly for you. Tactical plate carriers are used primarily for protection, and are usually outfitted with features that include hydration packs, gun belt attachment and modularity options. Plate carriers can be purchased online with free shipping, and are available in a variety of configurations and colors.

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