One thing is for sure, players need to use the right armor when playing Halo Reach. If you use one piece of armor with a different weapon, then the game will have a problem. This is especially true with the way that Hard Armor is classified. It is better to use an item that is classed as “Hard armor” than to try and play with something that isn’t. This article will go over each of the armor types, so you can see exactly what you should be using when playing with this new Halo game.

The main difference between Level III and Level IV hard armor really comes down to the types of armor that are used. Hard armor stops ballistics ammo from penetrating your armor, making it a vital piece of armor in any tanking situation. Most players will use Soft armor or other items that aren’t hard armor but are used to help with stopping bullets from penetrating your armor.

There are a couple of different types of bullet proof vest that are effective against handguns. The material that hard armor is made out of is a ceramic plate. Ceramic plates have the highest level of bullet resistant ability out of all of the different materials used. Because they are only made out of ceramic plates, they aren’t practical for close range situations where the enemy can get very close to you.